The Guest Room An owl rips this space we keep for family and friends who race the Atlantic in carbon-spitting planes, whose nakedness wakes unused sheets, who cram the room with travel-bags, computers, cards of pills and sprawls of swimming gear. Their darkglass summer eyes fill, multiply our lives. In this room, a room that eats the setting sun, there’s stillness to be filled. Night is like wide water. Faces flicker. Black speaks back from beyond the owl, behind the strangeness of our time. Desire is fill of endless distances.   The North, January 2021 Sunday Mornings You place te pieces on the table pendulum  rocker-arm  weights  escape wheel use a toothbrush     frisk the cogs There is a limit to tightening the time a risk of breaking The grandfather should not be tilted sideways  backwards or forwards It must stand as if it supports the sky   IS&T, March 2021 The Vine-Grower’s Daughter Four siblings, rough-footed, smelling of garlic, made plaited tracks down wide grey shores.   Plus vite, Maine!    Our youngest looks at everything. Sun flushed the Midi. Bird voices split the sky,  the wind took the land by the scruff of its neck. Was she, like this delta,   gorged with salt and water? She cut runes in the sand – des étangs, littoral lines. Drew circles with a stick.   It’s what kids do.     What I did too, laying down bones beside the slate-blue sea, slipping into rituals of creation when days were as long as the cockle path   that threads through the saltings to Scolt Head. Every day with all our gear,   and several times when the water bottle was left behind, I took a  barefoot run on mud-cracked hexagons.                                       Fenland Poetry Journal, Spring 2020                                         and The White Queen’s Last Stand                          Anthologies include Skein, Templar, 2014;  Peleton, Templar, 2013;  Running Before the Wind, (Grey Hen Press) 2013;  Soundswrite Anthologies (Soundswrite Press, 2005 & 2006,)  Poetry Wivenhoe (2008);  Light Unlocked, Christmas Card Poems, (Enitharmon, 2005)