The Kaiser’s Groom in 1853 my gt grandfather travelled across the Baltic to escort a temperamental racehorse He stands on deck, gaping at the creature, high and golden against the mast before the lowering through the hatch into the dark ship’s hull. He stops, his fears and longings held in a skein. Leicht leicht! The moment will return, vividly itself again. It’s unreal - the hour, the brilliance. The sling rond the belly, spread legs, dangling his future in the early morning. Is it a song or a dream? Currently in Under the Radar issue 20 Hymn for an Aunt My unadmitted aunt was stripped of dignity, scared and silent in a place where definitions end. I can’t remember crossing the divide that opened up each time I heard her name. I daresay you thinnk me foolish, but I don’t think the line between insanity and saneness is very thick. Did shock, fear and misery jostle her to the cliff and jump her in? How did she swim through a sea of darkness? I wasn’t aware of her the day she died of I’d have tried to sing her praises then. Sally readi this poem in Aldeburgh Cinema as part of the Festival 2017, on Friday 3 November at 4.15 pm Anthologies include  Skein, Templar, 2014;  Peleton, Templar, 2013;  Running Before the Wind, (Grey Hen Press) 2013;  Soundswrite Anthologies (Soundswrite Press, 2005 & 2006,)  Poetry Wivenhoe (2008);  Light Unlocked, Christmas Card Poems, (Enitharmon, 2005) Home