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 SHE SAYSFlorida’s rainy season has arrived -- spider lilies embrace itthe grasses look grateful, mosquitoes everywhere!A nuthatch tweets from its snagand two egrets visit the pond until pulling curtains scares them.Like a patient, they specialise in arrivals and departures.We’re just off for an overnight hotel, dreaming of huge, free G&Tson a sunbed overlooking sea or pool, whichever we choose.Most of all, I long for mindless bouncing in the waves. Rewardsfor staying sane may not nbe many but knowing what’s good is one.                                                                                pub. The Frogmore Papers 9                                               
Living in Hallaton, Sally chaired Leicester Poetry Society. In Manningtree, she ran a Poetry Society Stanza, and 2012-20, she held Saltmarsh Poetry Readings in North Norfolk’s Burnhams with notable poets such as George Szirtes and Michael Laskey as well as talented young readers. www.saltmarshpoetry.com