Sally Festing
Poet, biographer, journalist, radio dramatist
Sally      Festing’s      much-published     poetry      has      followed journalism,   radio   plays,   academic   studies   in   garden   history, Penguin   biographies   of   Barbara   Hepworth   &   Gertrude   Jekyll, and other non-fiction. Born   in   Cambridge,   her   childhood   holidays   in   North   Norfolk may    explain    the    delight    with    which    she    explores    links between     people,     art     and     landscape.     Her     sixth     poem collection,    The    White    Queen’s    L ast    Stand     is    a    fine celebration   of   these   elements.      While   celebrating   the      life   and        work   of   Sculptor,   Germaine   Richier   (1902-059),      this   broadly biographical   sequence   is   slanted   to      encapsulate   Festing’s     own   reaction   to   Richier’s   art   and   the   background   that   inspired them. Publication will be by Knives, Forks & Spoons Press in 2021.

Her Essay  on Richier is on the current Agenda Supplement

For her last collection, My Darling Derry (2019), see  Youtube